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Sora's Signature Moves

Just for reference: these are the moves and performances that Sora has done as well as famous for. Some moves do have clips but some are hard to find.

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How's my driving?

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Current role plays: Discedo

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[It's a new year and there's light now in Discedo! But during this, one woman was celebrating: also known as Owen getting her completely drunk. And she has communicator. Which is like a phone. You know what that means!

So between 1am and 4 am, she will be calling random frequencies and say the following:]

1. Thinking is stupid.
3. You're a sissy!
4. Arrrrwwwwwooooo!!
5. Mere mortal my ass. Stop trying to go incognito!
6. I charge $250 an hour and $750 for the night.
7. You're stupid.... Stupid.
8. I'm not as think as drunk I am.
9. Can you do math? What's 1+1? 2? N-not if it's you and me, baby.
10. ...has anyone seen a triple rainbow lately? I think I lost mine.
11. Does anyone know if the dramatic guy goes commando...whatever that means?
12. Roll roll roll roll roll!
13. Nyan nyan nyan nyan! [With matching gestures.]

*Action*Collapse )

but the communicator turns on. All it shows is just a slumbering Sora on the pew...with a ghost of a smile on her face.]

((OOC: Points if you can guess the song two of the tags are from.))
[The communicator falls to the ground, turning on the camera to focus on two pairs of legs: one belonging to whoever owned the communicator and the other...well...it looked like one of the residents who liked to try and kill others. Yeah, one of those.

It was clearly a woman in the way it screeched and ran after the human.]

Nngh! H-hey, what did I do to you, huh?!

[Sora tried to sound tough and there's a clanging noise soon after followed by a crash. That had to hurt.

Not even a second later, the camera couldn't catch what happened because there was a large splash of a familiar red substance on the lens followed by a scream from the acrobat. And boy did she use those lungs.]


[The network then heard a moan come from the girl along with another ear piercing scream but this time from the monster attacking her. The blood on the screen got fresh with another coat from the human, anyone in the area could practically hear her screams. But it wasn't the only thing that wasn't heard: even though it was off screen, that sound was familiar to anyone.


The monster shrieked in agony before it took its final breaths and passed on. The only one left standing was a young woman drenched in her own blood and clutching a weapon in her arms like it was a lifeline. Problem was that it wasn't her normal one: there was only one other person who used the same kind.

And she called for him.]


17th Dream [Action to Discedo]

[Hello fellow citizens of Discedo! Notice that you've been feeling strange as of late? Creepy thoughts stuck in your head? And of course those pills that have appeared out of nowhere with a warning...do you believe in it?

Well, this girl believes. While she had taken the pill without a doubt, Sora was still worried about her friends that are too stubborn...or anyone else in that matter. So she's wondering around Discedo armed with water and pills for those who want them. Or force them. Whichever came first.]

(OOC: Obligatory action post is a go! Sora can also be reached on the communicator just if your character wants to check in on her or just for whatever. Let me know if your character will be taking the pill or will transform into monster later.)


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